Aluxsoft DVD Ripper

Aluxsoft DVD Ripper

Wouldn\'t you love to play some of your DVD movies in the iPod...

Wouldn't you love to play some of your DVD movies in the iPod or PSP, in your PMP, in your Mobile Phone or on the youtube. com? Now its possible!

Watch All Your Favorite DVD Movies On Your Portable Device Using My Blazingly Fast Aluxsoft DVD Ripper. With optimized profiles, you can convert DVD Movie to iPod Video, Microsoft Zune, Pocket PC, 3GP Mobile Phone or any other MP4 player, such as Samsung iRiver, Archos, Creative Zen Vision and more.

Main features: 1. Repeatable Converting Solutions from any position to any position of a DVD. 2. Built-in full functioned DVD player. Play back while ripping, so that you can see which part of the movie is being processed.

3. Extract the selected clip or scene from a DVD. 4. Crop settings for removing black bar of DVD movie. 5. Built-in AC3,LPCM,MPEG2 audio decoding.

Built-in 2-pass encoding ensures the best output quality. 6. Set several formats for one DVD and click one button to rip DVD to several files effortlessly at one time.

7. Splits output file to make the output size fit in a 74-Minute/80-Minute CD. The profiles are optimized for iPod, Blackbreey, Zune and such digital devices that you can definitely find the one that fits you most.

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Aluxsoft DVD Ripper


Aluxsoft DVD Ripper

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